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ITAE Center offers a wide range of activities such as workshops, lectures and group therapy among others, to achieve wellness and balance lost by the pace of life and daily responsibilities.

Our workshops offer a dynamic and open to all who need some private time for themselves, for those who need tools to be more effective in daily life and for those who crave innovative activities to break the monotony of everyday life and get a satisfaction with themselves and with those around you.

Our offer is varied to meet the different demands that society asks us. This offer will be updated according to the social demand and the time we live in:
Timetable (to choose): Monday to Friday from 8 to 10h and from 19 to 21h.

Starting Dates: Every first of the month.


Weekend Workshop:

ANSIESTRES: Weekend Workshop


1 Women of the 21st century Workshop: Desperate women
2 Anxiety and Stress Workshop
3 Affective Dependence Workshop
4 Student Stress Workshop
5 Fear of public speaking Workshop
6 Test Anxiety Workshop
7 Social Anxiety Workshop
8 Assertiveness Workshop
9 Self-esteem Workshop
10 Stress management workshop
11 Female Sexuality Workshop
12 Relaxation Techniques Workshop

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