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Relationship Conflicts

The routine can be one of the main reasons for breaking in a pair. Trust, every day, obligations, etc., cause on many occasions that one partner or both, neglects the relationship.

In addition, the monotony in which many partners are involved, leads to frustration, not illusion, and alienation, which is increased by some couples when they have children, they become parents leaving the role of man parked and wife.

Psychological work areas:

  • Rethinking the relationship
  • Realize why
  • Discern what is the real reason and to propose solutions adapted to every day and the obligations
  • Helping approach
  • Further enhance communication and provide guidelines to continue doing
  • Listening preferences and tastes of the other
  • Raise new hopes to break the monotony
  • Learn to foster the relationship in the day to day
  • Other

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