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Infidelities and jealousy

Be the cause of an affair or getting it generates most of the time feelings of guilt, low self esteem, disappointment, anger, depression, anxiety, uncertainty about the future, doubts about whether or not forgive infidelity and separation approaches others.

Areas of psychological work in case of infidelity:

  • Anxious symptoms
  • Depressive symptoms in case there
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Assist in decision making
  • The reorganization of the various aspects of your life
  • Managing emotions
  • Other

Jealousy can become a source of serious conflict in the couple. In most cases, generate mistrust, tension, anger, inappropriate discussions, in some cases to cause the separation.

Areas of psychological work in case of jealousy:

  • The real reasons for the lattice
  • Help the person suffering to distinguish between the real reasons to be jealous and not real
  • Anger and distrust
  • Learning to rely on a partner
  • Managing emotions
  • Treatment related psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, etc.

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