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Sadness is an emotion, but this, if it persists over time or intensifies, can lead to what we might call a depressed mood.

The depressed mood is one of the distress conditions more common in humans. The characteristics of this state of mind can be very different from one person to another. May vary both in the symptoms is the temporal evolution. Sometimes it can be episodic and others to be present most of the time. You can also vary depending on the intensity, because it can go from very mild to profound statements severe.

Typically, the symptoms have to be grouped into five groups:

  1. Mood:

    The most common emotion is sadness. Is almost always present and is the most common complaint. Also include grief, unhappiness and depression, but may be present including irritability, nervousness or feelings of emptiness.
  2. Motivational and behavioral:

    Apathy, indifference and decreased ability to enjoy would be the most typical (examples: lack of desire to get out of bed, bathing or going to work and the decreased ability of decision making).
  3. Cognitive-Mental:

    Distinguish two aspects:
    • The decrease in performance in areas such as memory, attention and concentration.
    • Alterations of the content of our mind: errors value themselves, others or the future and self-deprecation, self-blame and losing self-esteem.
  4. Physical:

    This would include sleep problems (both by the inability to sleep properly as overeating), fatigue, loss of appetite and decreased both the desire and sexual activity.
  5. Interpersonal:

    The main symptom is the loss or deterioration of relations with others that may even lead to rejection, which in turn isolates them further and can make this become chronic depressed mood.

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