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About us

ITAE is the first centre in Europe which specialises exclusively in intensive and integral treatment of Anxiety Disorders.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of: psychologists and specialised doctors ( psychiatrists and internists) with recognised clinical experience and with a highly specialised level of training.

Our treatment protocols are guaranteed through wide clinical experience and are based on the latest scientific advances in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

The key to our success is through offering our patients an intensive and integral treatment.

Intensive:  To achieve rapid recovery of our patients.

Integral:  To minimise the risk of relapse and provide the patient with lasting strategies which allow them to control their anxiety without the need of medicines.

High level of specialisation:  The only centre exclusively dedicated to the treatment of anxiety.


The high level of specialisation in the treatment of anxiety disorders added to the ample clinical experience of our team of professionals guarantees high quality in the services which we offer.


We want patients interested in our treatment to be able to begin working on their recovery as soon as possible so as to avoid chronification of the anxiety.  Our organisation is structured to offer an immediate response.


Anxiety is an emotion evident at physical, mental and conductal level.

Our treatment is orientated to work through these three aspects to ensure rapid recovery and consolidation over time without the need for medicines.  For this reason we have a multidisciplinary team coordinated to guarantee a complete approach to the abnormal reactions of anxiety.


Anxiety can limit people's lives.  Fundamental areas for their well-being can be affected.  We believe that recovery should be considered as something urgent.  For this reason we offer intensive treatments which require a high level of dedication on the part of both patient and therapist.


Basing our psychotherapy on the cognitive- behavioural approach (that which offers the best results for anxiety disorders treatment) we assure constant recycling of our professionals in order to offer highly effective treatments.


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